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Matrix Product Line SDS

#88 Product Line SDS



Auto Products

#22 Metal Polish
#70 White Rubbing Compound
No. 88 Super Rubbing Compound
No. 99 Liquid Super Duty Rubbing Compound
100% Ultra Pure Mink Oil
1000 Buffing Creme
1500 Buffing Creme
Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner
Adhesive Label Remover (non-VOC)
Aerosol Gem Glass Cleaner
Aluma Kleen
Black Beauty
Blue Velvet
Brillance II VOC
Bug Remover
Carnauba Crème Wax
Cherry Suds
Citrus Cleaner
Detailers Dressing II VOC
Detailers Dressing
Easy Seal & Glaze VOC
Easy Seal & Glaze
Easy Spray II Silicone Aerosol Dressing
Eliminator VOC
Fabric Protectant
Fantastic Finish
Finishing Touch
Gem Glass Cleaner
Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Gray Clay Bar 200 Gram
Kleen Spot
Lahega Fast Wax
Leather Cleaner
Liquid Car Wash
Luster Glaze
Mag & Aluminum Cleaner
Magna Shine Gray Clay Bar 200 Gram
Magna Shine Light Gray Clay Bar 200 Gram
MDP Acid Wheel Cleaner
Micro Cut
Micro Glaze 2000
Micro Seal 2000
Neatsfoot Oil Compound
Odor Eliminator - Cherry Scent
Odor Eliminator - Clean Aire Scent
Odor Eliminator - Leather Scent
Odor Eliminator - Mango Scent
Odor Eliminator - New Car Scent
Odor Eliminator - Piña Colada Scent
Odor Eliminator - Summer Breeze Scent
Perfect Compound
Premium Carnauba Hard Paste Wax
Pro Kote
Protect-All Vinyl Protectant
Purple Clay Bar 200 Gram
Red Rage Concentrate
Red Rage Drum in a Box Part A
Red Rage Drum in a Box Part B
Reflection Aerosol Spray Wax
Renew Bumper Trim Restorer
RTU Glass Cleaner
Rubber Color Restorer
Run Off Glass Protectant
Shoot 'N' Shine
Shoot 'N Shine Drum in a Box Part A
Shoot 'N Shine Drum in a Box Part B
Soft Glo Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
Sparkle Wire Wheel Cleaner
Spectrum II VOC
Sta-On Glaze
Super Sheen VOC
Super Sheen
Tar Wax & Grease Remover VOC
Tar Wax & Grease Remover
Ultra Cherry Suds
Ultra Wash 'N Wax
Ultra White
Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate (VOC)
Vivid Wash
Wash 'N Wax
Water Spot Remover
Whitewall Cleaner

Home Products

#22 Metal Polish
100% Ultra Pure Mink Oil
120 Day Automatic Bowl Cleaner
Aerosol Gem Glass Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Bath Bryte
Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Dishwasher Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Fridge Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Garbage Disposal Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Micro Bryte Appliance Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Power Cleaner
Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Polish Wipes
Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Cleaner and Conditioner (w/ mineral oil)
Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Cleaner and Conditioner (w/o mineral oil)
Cerama Bryte Touchups Spray
Dampout Dehumidifier
Foam It
Fresh Odor Eliminator
Leather Cleaner
Neatsfoot Oil Compound
Run Off Glass Protectant
Soft Glo Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Matrix Product Line

Matrix Compound
Matrix Polish
Matrix Wax

#88 Line Products

#88 Car Wash Shampoo
#88 Carnauba Car Wax
#88 Express Car Wax
#88 General All Purpose Dressing
#88 Glass Cleaner - RTU
#88 Hyper Degreaser Part A
#88 Hyper Degreaser Part B
#88 Interior Cleaner Concentrate
#88 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
#88 Medium Cut Rubbing Compound
#88 Micro Seal 2000
#88 Polyester Putty
#88 Red Rage Degreaser Concentrate
#88 Super Cut Rubbing Compound
#88 Hyper Degreaser Part A
#88 Super Sheen Tire Shine
#88 Ultra Polish
#88 Wheel Cleaner

HOU Chem

Hou-All Purpose Cleaner
Hou-Blue Gloss
Hou-Bug Remover
Hou-Bumper Renewer
Hou-Cherry Subs
Hou-Cleaner Glaze
Hou-Clear Gloss Dressing
Hou-Dress All
Hou-Gem Glass Cleaner
Hou-Gone Deodorizer
Hou-Liquid Car Wash
Hou-Maximus Interior Cleaner
Hou-Perma Glaze
Hou-Power Clean
Hou-Tire Cote
Hou-Wash 'N Wax
Hou-Whitewall Cleaner
Hou-ZIP Concentrate

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